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Searching for cheap car insurance San Jose, CA might not be as laborious a task as you might think. Quite often, we tend to put off doing research on this subject because we simply cannot face the tedium. The fact of the matter is that this is not something anyone can afford to put off. Quality financial protection is not something that should ever be underestimated. The good news is that at you will find all the information you need to know. There is no need to spend hours browsing through an endless list of sources provided by your search engine when everything you need is stored within the pages of the aforementioned website.

Average Car Insurance in San Jose Quotes

Purchasing affordable vehicle insurance is something that requires a certain amount of forethought. This recurring payment is something that is completely unavoidable but also a necessity. It is important that drivers educate themselves on the amount of money they should expect to pay. On average the insurance premium in San Jose is approximately $1494, while the average premium in the state of California is expected to be around $1,414.94.

Factors Affecting Cheap Car Insurance in San Jose

When creating an insurance policy, insurance companies will take several factors into consideration. Of course, not every driver is the same, and so insurance premiums will vary across the board. Reputable insurance companies need to find a way of writing policies that are as fair as possible. This is a fairly tricky task because of all of the factors that come into play.

  • Location – In general, one will find that more densely populated areas will have higher insurance premiums. It seems fairly logical that the more people there are, the more precarious a person’s driving situation will be. With a population of 955,091 and a population density of 5462 per square mile, San Jose is a fairly busy city.
  • Driving To Work – Vehicle owners who are required to drive to and from work during peak hours are considered to be at a higher risk than those who do not need to drive busy roads. Approximately 16 000 people travel to work for 30 minutes every day, and these are the drivers who may find themselves paying higher premiums. On average, the number of fatal accidents in San Jose sits at between 4 – 6 per 100 000 people. This may not seem like a high number but drivers are urged to remember that the number of non-fatal accidents is significantly higher.
  • Auto Thefts – With 5121 auto thefts in 2011, drivers need to be aware that auto insurance covers this aspect of disaster as well. Car theft depends largely on the make and year of the car model, the location in which the driver works or lives and whether or not a proper alarm and tracking system is installed. All of these factors will contribute to the expected cost of the insurance premium.
  • Education – What many people may be unaware of, is the fact that one’s educational level contributes to the average cost of an insurance premium. In general, applicants with a higher level of education will pay marginally less than others. In San Jose approximately 22% of the population have attained a Bachelor’s Degree, while an alarming 23% have not completed their high school education.

In order to find affordable vehicle insurance that meets your needs, simply fill in the information required on This is the best place for you to find the best quotes to suit your profile. And if you don’t live in San Jose, you can still save money for the nearby cities of Oakland, Sacramento, or San Diego!