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In order to discover bargain car insurance San Diego locals must do their part and shop around. There are numerous reputable companies operating in the area so it all comes down to studying the details of what they have to offer. makes comparisons hassle-free with a fantastic search tool that can scour the current deals and present them in an organized manner.

See Average Car Insurance Rates in San Diego – Get Quotes — Save Up to $715 a Year!

SD has a charm that keeps people coming back. The cost of living within the city is not as high as others in California but it is just as vibrant and beautiful as the others. When it comes to auto insurance, locals need to set aside anywhere in the range of $957 to $2,103, with the mean being just a little higher than the state average of $1,415.

Factors that Predict the Rates for Car Insurance In San Diego

Automobile insurance will be different for everybody because each of us comes from a different driving and personal background. We own different car models and we commute across varied roads. Each of these affects the way we are assessed by our insurance providers.

  • Location — A congested city usually has heavy traffic and a lot of recorded accidents on the road. The high risk involved in driving around big cities is the main reason why insurance companies charge those who live in them far more than those who reside in smaller towns. Over 1,331,516 individuals make up the sizeable population of San Diego which is almost evenly split between male and female. With a total land area of 324.3 square miles, the density works out to be 4,044 people per sq mi.
  • Driving to Work — Business hours for most offices tend to coincide as a matter of practicality. While this makes good business sense, the same is not true for the roads which are almost always full of people rushing to their offices in the morning all at the same time. The extremely assertive drivers may try to overtake other vehicles just to make it to a meeting on time and such conduct may lead to accidents. The city tallied 5.6 fatal accidents per 100,000 in 2009 which is just a shade higher than the state figure.
  • Auto Thefts — When it comes to carjacking, prevention is unquestionably better than trying to trace the whereabouts of the stolen car. Insurance companies welcome efforts by owners to reduce their risk of car theft by putting deterrents in place. Simple locks and sirens can go a long way as they make thieves think twice about their plans. Often, they just move on to easier targets. The good news is that auto theft is on the decline in SD with 6,259 incidents in 2011 from a high of 14,138 in 2005.
  • Education — If you have a degree, you may be entitled to an auto insurance discount. The city boasts of a highly educated population with 21.7% owning a bachelor’s degree in comparison with the state’s 17.1%.

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