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Sacramento is the base of many well-established schools and businesses. Every year, thousands of people move here to seek out new opportunities. Those who have recently relocated to the city will find that vehicle insurance costs here vary widely from $1,242 on one side and $3,054 on the other. The typical resident pays a lot more than California’s $1,415 average.

Factors Influencing the Rates for Car Insurance Sacramento

It should now be apparent from the city’s rates that vehicle insurance is not set in stone. It is rather a flexible figure that depends largely on the conditions surrounding each applicant. The following discussion offers valuable insights:

  • Location — The city itself shapes the insurance company’s opinion of the client. This is logical since drivers will frequently ply routes close to home. There is an inherent bias against mega cities as they are almost always teeming with cars making streets clogged and accidents common. Sacramento is a decent-sized city just short of a hundred square miles in total land area. Its residents numbered 467,575 in the last 2010 survey which means that there are 4,813 persons living here for every square mile.
  • Driving to Work — Timing is another important aspect of insurance assessment. Providers will often ask about the client’s work schedule, keen on determining whether he or she goes out with the sea of cars every morning. This is a pertinent issue because this timeframe is when a spike of accidents usually occurs. Since there is pressure to get to the office on time, the tendency is for some workers to drive haphazardly just to achieve this goal. Workers with more unusual schedules may be entitled to discounts if they can avoid the rush. In 2009, 5.1 fatal accidents per 100,000 were recorded in Sacramento.
  • Auto Thefts — Safety and security should always be top priorities when it comes to car ownership. Being alert and making the vehicle harder to steal through the usual deterrents can go a long way. Insurance companies take notice of these things and reward diligent owners with generous discounts. After all, there were 3,335 carjacking incidents in 2011 alone and nobody wants to be part of that statistic.
  • Education — Having a degree is truly its own reward but additional perks are always welcome. For instance, college graduates may be provided with discounts by insurance companies. About 15.5% of the city’s locals can potentially avail of this compared to 17.1% for the state.

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