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Low cost car insurance Los Angeles drivers can depend upon — this used to be thought of as a myth due to the prevalence of high prices within the city. However, insurance providers have diversified their offerings over the years and it has become possible to stumble upon a good deal if one looks hard enough. At, we make the hunt even easier with a search tool that does all the work for you in one click.

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LA has a diverse population made up of celebrities and ordinary people, with the latter inclined to be conscious of the household budget. Vehicle insurance for the city averages at $1,678 which is 1.59% higher than the county’s rate. It also towers above the state’s average by as much as 14%.

 What factors led to such high Auto Insurance rates in Los Angeles?

LA has distinct characteristics that have come together to make it one of the most expensive cities in terms of automobile insurance. We will discuss some of them below to get a better insight into the inner workings of the insurance industry.

  • Location — Although car owners will occasionally go out of town, most of the driving remains within the city and so the road conditions there will be scrutinized by the insurance providers. They will note the amount of cars on the streets which is usually proportional to the population density. LA has a very high rate of 8,085 individuals per square mile.
  • Driving to Work — Commuting to the office at the same time as most of the labor force results in unpleasant weekday mornings. Unfortunately, many are tied to a regular schedule which means they have to deal with traffic jams and aggressive drivers whether they want to or not. Another downside is the penalty given by insurance companies due to the higher risk of accident during this time. Meanwhile, those coming to work during odd hours may be given discounts.
  • Auto Thefts — Car theft is rampant with so many glitzy cars around LA. Residents are always advised to park in secure areas and equip their vehicles with deterrents like audible alarms and anti-theft locks. These measures lower their risk of joining the thousands of owners every year who have had their cars stolen. In 2010, an incredible 17,046 incidents were reported to the police — one of the highest of any city.
  • Education — Fortunately for diligent students, their toil does get recognized in many ways once they finish their schooling. Even when it comes to auto insurance, companies are willing to provide discounts to college graduates. This is a great boon to 16% of the city’s residents who hold a bachelor’s degree.

It is now easier than ever to discover cheap car insurance in Los Angeles. By using our search tool on this page, you will gain all the data you need to compare and contrast offerings by various insurance companies around your area. Zero in on the best deal and start saving money right away. This is especially true if you live in Sacramento, San Diego, or San Francisco.