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The best car insurance Long Beach drivers can have is one that is inexpensive yet covers all the legal requirements in the state. There are lots of providers competing in this space and sorting through each of them can be time-consuming. offers a better way to find the most promising deals with our highly effective search tool.

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The city’s residents enjoy a great mix of urban development and natural beauty with its proximity to the sea. However, this literally comes at a price: high cost of living. Car owners have to pay between $1,114 and $2,786 to cover their insurance in compliance with state laws. California locals average a mere $1,415 in contrast.

Factors that Dictate the Rise and Fall of Car Insurance In Long Beach, CA

A confluence of factors could trigger an increase or decrease in premium rates. For instance, a low credit score and a bad driving history almost always guarantee high monthly payments. Other issues worth noting are:

  • Location — Urban centers provide the ultimate in convenience with every need imaginable just a few minutes away. The best paying jobs and the most renowned schools can be found in the city. It is understandable then that so many people flock to a metropolis but this mass migration does create its own problems including overcrowding. Insurance companies often charge city dwellers higher than those in smaller towns. Long Beach recorded 462,257 residents in 2010 resulting in a density of 9,164.
  • Driving to Work — Waking up every morning to go to work in no one’s idea of fun but it is something that simply has to be done day in and day out. The current setup pushes the majority of workers on the roads almost at the same time, all aiming to beat the clock and avoid a scolding from their boss. A lot of things can happen during the 28.7 minutes that the average resident spends commuting. In 2009, the city witnessed 6.1 fatal accidents per 100,000, higher than California’s 5.5.
  • Auto Thefts — An unattended and unprotected car will always be attractive to thieves. Parking your car in an unsecure neighborhood and owning a model that is known to be a prime target will likely result in a high premium. By taking preventive measures such as the installation of anti-theft devices, insurance providers will be less likely to impose penalties and may even give discounts for the effort. The year 2011 saw a rise in car thefts around the city to 2,212 incidents so everyone should be on guard.
  • Education — College grads can look forward to discounts from insurance companies. This should benefit at least 15.8% of Long Beach locals who are known to have a degree under their belts. The figure in California is a little higher at 17.1%.

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