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When it comes to car insurance Fresno residents are spoiled for choice. There are numerous providers offering their services at different rates. The challenge in this case is to find the optimum balance between coverage and price. This is where comes in. Our search engine can seek out all the offers in an area and present them to you for a thorough comparison.

Compare Fresno Car Insurance Rates — Save $345 Every Year

The typical car owner in Fresno pays roughly $1,461 to his auto insurance provider every year. In a way, this is a fairly good rate as it comes just a bit lower than the California average of $1,477. However, the city’s locals do have it worse than the rest of Fresno County for which the standard hovers around $1,435.

Car Insurance Fresno – Factors to Watch Out For

In reality, each person will fall either above or below the average figures and the variance will hinge on several factors. Risk assessment will determine much of the final premium rate, covering such subjects as driving history, car condition, credit rating, and the following items:

  • Location — They say that geography determines destiny and this is true in a sense with regards to automobile insurance. There are many reasons why the average rate in a city tends to be higher than its counterpart elsewhere. One of them is population density. A crowded city usually has congested roads. Fresno’s population of 494,665 yields a density of 4,740 people per square mile.
  • Driving to Work — For office workers, the regular morning commute is a troublesome but necessary part of life. Insurance companies do not like the rush hour as it tends to produce a high number of road accidents compared to other times of the day. Therefore, people who have non-traditional schedules may be given a discount as incentive. Fresno tallied 5 accidents for every 100,000 and the normal commute takes about 21.7min.
  • Auto Thefts — While some insurance policies soften the owner’s financial blow from car thefts, this is a reactive measure that does not prevent the incident from happening in the first place. It would be so much better to install anti-thefts devices inside the car to frustrate any malicious attempts. Insurance companies will appreciate this and present the owner with discounts for the effort. Fresno had 4,553 reports of car theft in 2010.
  • Education — With highly educated drivers tending to have less involvement in road accidents, insurance providers are inclined to offer discounts to students with excellent grades and college degree holders. Of Fresno’s population, a fifth has graduated from high school while about an eighth has graduated from college, slightly under the state figures.

Finding cheap car insurance in Fresno does not have to be rocket science. Our search tool makes everything simple for vehicle owners who just want to reduce their bills without sacrificing their insurance service. Use the tool to compare current offers and you will be on your way to significant annual savings.

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